Products we use

We have our own range of Digital Modulators, made by DigiSat Broadcast Equipment.

PCB boards are made in Germany, software & firmware are created in Germany as well.
The modulators are Made & Supported in Australia according to your individual requirements.
Unlike most units from overseas, our equipment can be repaired & failing of one board etc. does not mean the whole unit  needs to be replaced.
Our modulators come with a standard 2 year warranty and are of high quality. You can choose from a number of different options & set ups according to your site specific needs. More details will be published here soon. Please contact us for further information in the meantime.

Aerials, Amplifier, MATV-&SMATV Equipment...


            Aerials, Amplifier, MATV-
            &SMATV Equipment...

            Aerials, Amplifier, MATV-
            &SMATV Equipment...

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Satellite Equipment


AM Distribution Equipment

Aerials, Head-End Equipment, Amplifier
TV Distribution System Equipment

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